1. New better website up and running! :)

  2. Military Rick - Birthday gift-art for my good buddy! :>

    Had to give a belt to him as an update to my last one. Below is the pen-drawn one I gave her, and above is digitally coloured ‘cause I love colour and you can recover cocked-up lines.

    HOLDING HANDS Blog - http://holdinghandscomic.blogspot.co.uk/

  3. Watercolour Saria

    Gift for my good buddy’s birthday. :> Drawn with pen and coloured with watercolour pencils. Also looks a tiny bit Paper Mario-esque. X3

  4. Felt Heart Keychains

    I made the red one for my friend’s birthday, and the purple one for my sister’s birthday last month. These are actually prototypes since I have a lot of red felt and fleece I could make a lot of hearts out of and sell. :> You can see I’m trying to work out the mouth.

  5. Cream and Cheese doodle. :> I love these cuties!

  6. Thought up a new summer outfit for Rick. :>


  7. Re-done the Characters page all better! :>

  8. HOLDING HANDS character line-ups!~

    Essentially it’s main characters on the top and side characters on the bottom. Nice to see them all together though! *v* We can all conclude that Joshua and David are dating, and Rob and James are good buddies.

  9. Couple Rick doodles!

  10. Iron Man Watercolour

    Gift for my sister’s birthday. Originally borrowed her DVDs for research, but ended up loving Iron Man for myself too! :D I always thought Tony Stark was cool!

    Chose his landing pose since it’s quite iconic which I was made aware of from the Iron Man 3 credits. I had to draw it with pencil, then ink it and then fill it with watercolour pencils, so the watercolour effect isn’t quite there. ^^; But it would be mad of me to go straight to watercolours for a subject this complicated. Mech suits aren’t quite my jam. ^^;