1. AniManga POP is in a month and here’s a preview of the booklet I’m making!

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  2. Question Tag

    Got tagged by woodthewriter! Answer the questions, tag 10 people.

    Name: Kathryn (family and buddies call me Katie)

    Nickname: My friend called me Kit-Kat Katie at school

    Sexuality: Straight

    Height: 5’ 4”

    Time zone: Greenwich Mean Time.

    What time and date is it there?: 9-29 pm, 30th August 2014.

    Average hours of sleep: 7-8.

    OTPs: Uuh, can I say my own? David/Joshua from HOLDING HANDS; the comic I’m writing? I love them, they’re adorable. You’re gonna love ‘em!

    First word to come to mind: Shit

    Last thing I said to my family: 'That's where we keep the boxes now.'

    One place that makes me happy and why: London probably ‘cause that’s where MCM London Comic Con is and it’s a nice atmosphere there.

    How many blankets do I sleep under: 1

    Favourite beverage: Apple juice probably

    I’m tagging stitchy-stitchsaria-green-leafpondicherry-babymeowfrecklessetawolflady-airakottakittyhalco365conkerluesuteki-senpai

  3. Meow~


  4. compliments-people said: You're awesome and an amazing person!

    Thank you, nice Tumblr bot! :>

  5. Tagged by woodthewriter for The Handwriting Challenge!

    1. Your name
    2. Your blog URL
    3. Your blog title
    4. Your crush~
    5. Your favourite colour
    6. CAPS LOCK
    7. Your favourite band/artist
    8. Your favourite number
    9. Your favorite drink
    10. Tag ten people!

    I’m tagging zobobafoozie, chibird, eatsleepsniff, adamvian, bluekomadori, kottakitty, strangelykatie, peanutbuttergamer, fluffyparcel, cavea

    Do this only if you want, sorry if you’ve already done it. owo;; The rules are to write your answers on a piece of paper, take a photo, post to Tumblr, and tag 10 people you admire.

  6. Here are the PokeCats! Delcatty, Skitty, Meowth, Purugly, Glameow, and Purrloin.

    Didn’t include Persian or Liepard since they look too much like big cats.


  7. Anonymous said: I love your work it's sooooo cute, especially upside-down onigiri! Oh and you're kind of cute yourself...T_T desu

    Thank you, anon! =) I’m glad you like UDO too!


    Some famous cats from movies, comics, cartoons, video games, etc! I know there’s not every cat here but these are ones I know of and like and that don’t look too similar. If you’re wondering where the Pokemon are, they’re getting their own illustration!

    Cheshire Cat and Dinah (Alice in Wonderland), Garfield, Nyan Cat, Gatomon (Digimon), Kyo (Fruits Basket), Luna (Sailor Moon), Big and Blaze (Sonic the Hedgehog), Shampoo (Ranma 1/2), Blair (Soul Eater), Puar (Dragon Ball), Top Cat, Tom & Jerry, Marie, Toulouse and Berlioz (The Aristocats)

    Group illustrations are great challenges, wow.


  9. MCM London Comic Con

    I got a table at MCM London Comic Con in the Comic Village! It’s 24th-26th October 2014 at the ExCel London!

    So excited!! *w*

  10. 'Original birds' badges added to my store! :>

    I do have a few more of those lined up (only up to D!) but the style may be altered since these were actually drawn back in February. owo;;