1. I’ll be at P11 in the Comic Village at MCM London Comic Con this weekend! Please come say hi! I’d love to make new friends! ;v; I’ll have prints, badges and ickle comics!


    Part of my SPOOKY BABIES project for Halloween!

  3. Some cats for an upcoming thing..

  4. Snail tower!

    Not 100% happy with this but it was nice trying out snails and also trying out snail colours!

  5. I doodle this sun a lot so I made it into an illustration! I’ll also have ickle prints of these at MCM!

  6. UPSIDE-DOWN ONIGIRI and LOVE COSPLAY are now available to buy on Storenvy (physical books) and Gumroad (digital books)!!

    They’ll also be available at London MCM Comic Con at the end of October!

  7. If you went to Animanga POP and you got a VIP bag, you should have got one of my business cards and they each had a different doodle on the back! Very fun doing these so I hope you enjoyed them!

    If you did get one, let me know! :>

  8. Thanks to everyone who came by my table at Animanga POP on Saturday! :> It was my first time selling at a convention and I learned a lot, wow!

    Next I’ll be at MCM London Comic Con on 24th-26th October!

  9. Animanga POP is in just 1 week now! And I’ll be there selling prints, badges, and my two little books!

    So here’s Keep It Secret's Tanuki! :>

  10. Made some new self-portrait illustrations for my website and self-promo stuff.