1. MCM London Comic Con

    I got a table at MCM London Comic Con in the Comic Village! It’s 24th-26th October 2014 at the ExCel London!

    So excited!! *w*

  2. 'Original birds' badges added to my store! :>

    I do have a few more of those lined up (only up to D!) but the style may be altered since these were actually drawn back in February. owo;;

  3. Got a new batch of bird badges available in my store!

    Also just a note that I’m not going to do anymore bird badges like this. The illustrations for these were actually done back in February and my style’s changed quite a bit. I do want to keep drawing birds as there’s loads I’ve yet to do (which is what this project initially was) so I’ll do illustrations of those which might become badges too. I do have more plans for super cute badges, which I should keep making anyway as I still have loads of badge parts! XD


  4. Anonymous said: I saw your kirby art on the log in page. Super cute.

    Alright, super cute log-in page! *v* <3


  5. lynett1997 said: You draw the cutest things! how do you do it?

    Aaaah, thanks! *w* I just put pencil to paper and draw what I like, I guess!

  6. My cat OC Toby (basically the only one that’s got a name) who’s gonna appear in my webcomic.

  7. Alongside my cartoony/abstract-ish cats, I also practiced more detailed/realistic cats since I’ll be having one staring in my webcomic alongside anime/manga-ish people so the style should match. I love the kittens the best on the bottom row ‘cause they’re adorable! :3


  8. London Anime & Gaming Con

    I got a table at London Anime & Gaming Con! It’s on 7th-8th February 2015 at the London Met Uni!

  9. Love doodling cats! owo Especially siamese cats apparently. Top-right is Toby who belongs to one of my OCs. Will appear in my webcomic.

  10. My first printed comic and it’s an ickle baby A7 one. owo

    Gonna be selling these at AniManga POP this October!