1. Some sleeping cats!


  2. Some sitting cats!

  3. Some lying cats.

    Part of a series of illustrations to beef up my portfolio and also draw some animals. Plus more cats on the way~


  6. British Birds illustration!

    A selection of birds I find the most common or identifiable as British. Parakeets are definitely the odd-one-out but we’ve got some wild ones living in the park nearby.

    Top to bottom:
    Blackbird, pigeon, sparrow, magpie, kingfisher, blue tit, robin, seagull, barn owl, parakeet, pheasant, duck, swan

  7. I saw Haruna wear a similar top (it was more frilly and had a ribbon) in To Love Ru Darkness, and thought ‘Rick would look cute in that!’ I get most of his outfit ideas from girls.

  8. Another old doodle coloured up. Also realised a beige-ish shirt with his brown hair gives a cookie colour scheme. :> Apparently I make outfits based off confectionery treats.



    I’m really sorry for having to do this but I’m going to have to put HOLDING HANDS on a hiatus for a bit. I feel like I rushed into it and getting comic pages out as now I’m not too proud of the artwork since I want to change a few things so it’s something I really like when it goes to print.

    I don’t know how long I’ll be but basically I need to write the whole script all the way to the ending (at the moment it’s pretty vague), really get to know my characters, and draw enough pages with a consistent style so I can be comfortable with weekly updates.

    If you decide to stick around after all this time, thank you. This comic will come back out stronger, I promise! As soon as I’m sure of the re-release date I’ll post news here.

  10. Chibi Rick! ~<3 Gotta replicate this for keychains or stickers or something.

    Coloured a doodle from January. I’m going back and colouring some of my favourite doodles, also I wanna do coloured lines more so I’ll get some practice for that.

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